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Dessert Wine/Fortifieds
First Creek/De Bortoli Vat 5 Botrytis Semillon glass 9
375ml bottle 32 Muscat and Tawny, various qualities and prices are available. (Please ask Waiter)

Coffee & Tea
Sorry, but we only have one type of milk A2 – fresh from the farm Cappuccino, Flat White, Caffè Latte,
Long Black, Espresso, Mocha 4.5
English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Green,
Peppermint, Camomile 4.5

Peroni Nastro Azzurro on tap 10
St Clements Lager 7
Corona 9
Ichnusa Special, Grazia D (Sardinian) 9
Cascade/Boags Light 6.5
Peroni Leggera 7
Apple Cider (330ml) 9
Apple, Pear, Strawberry and Lime Cider (500ml) 13

Pernod, Campari, Aperol, Mt Gay Rum, Midori, Tanqueray, Smirnoff, Bacardi, Jack Daniel’s, Johnny Walker Red, Brandy. Kahlua, Baileys,
Tia Maria, Frangelico, Opal Nera, Cointreau, Grand Marnier,
Liquore di Mirto, Grappa, Limoncello 9
Johnnie Walker Black, The Glenlivet, Jameson 14
XO Cognac 40ml 22

Soft Drinks
Apple & Orange juice 4
Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Lift & Sprite 4
Sparkling and Still Mineral Water 500ml 4
Sparkling Mineral Water 750ml 7
Tonic Water, Soda Water and Ginger Ale 4
San Pellegrino: Aranciata, Aranciata Rossa, Chinotto & Limonata 5


Vino Bianco…
2011  St Clements Estate Semidolce                                                8.30

2008  St Clements Estate Semillon                                                  8.28

2006  St Clements Teardrop Semillon                                           15.44

2013  St Clements Estate Verdelho                                                  9.33

2009   St Clements Estate Pinot Grigio                                               36

2012   St Clements Estate Pinot Grigio                                             9.33

2014 Ora Wines Late Harvest Verdelho                                         9.33

2011   Molly Morgan Chardonnay                                                   10.38

2014 Ballabourneen Chardonnay                                                     15.58


                          Vino Rosso…
NV St Clements Bollicine Rosse                                                            8.30

2009  St Clements Estate Rosè                                                               8.30

2007  St Clements Estate Merlot                                                               50

2009  St Clements Estate Merlot                                                          10.40

2005  St Clements Estate Shiraz                                                                 48

2006  St Clements Estate Shiraz                                                             12.48

2007  St Clements Estate Shiraz                                                                  55

2008  St Clements Estate Shiraz                                                               8.30

2011 St Clements B.N.G.                                                                        15.70


Medal Winners:
Hunter Valley Boutique Winemakers Show 2012:
Bronze 2007 Merlot, 2007 Shiraz; Silver 2011 BNG.
Rutherglen Agricultural Wine Show :
Bronze 2007 Merlot, 2011 BNG.
Hunter Valley Boutique Winemakers Show 2013:
Bronze 2009 Merlot, 2011 Merlot; Silver 2011 BNG


Italian Imported White Wines...


Valdo Prosecco Cuvee di Boj DOCG                                           60
Light straw-yellow, typical bouquet, floral with pale blossom elements.
Palate is fresh, elegant and zesty

2011 Aghiloia Vermentino di Gallura Superiore DOCG             60
A bright straw yellow colour wine with a strong flowery taste and a light scent of almond, dry and velvety to the palate.

2014  Vermentino di Gallura DOCG Superiore                           85
Produced in the province of Olbia-Tempio, in the north of Sardinia,
Vermentino di Gallura DOCG is pale yellow straw colour.
A complex wine with a floral bouquet that is both delicate and intense.
Hints of almond and a mineral finish.

2010 Fiano di Avellino DOCG                                                        54
Fiano has a naturally high sugar content. It’s known for its flavors
of lychee, quince and peach,with hints of orange blossom,
spice and balanced acidity.
Some styles have a pleasant underlying note of hazelnuts.

2010 Greco di Tuffo DOCG                                                              56
Greco di Tufo wines stand out from the crowd thanks to the unique
characteristics of the sulfur- and tufa-rich volcanic and clay soils;
it is believed that these lend the wine its perfume and mineral complexity.
The refreshing, crisp white wines are known for their aromatic notes of lemons,
pears and toasted almonds and a lingering mineral finish.

2012 Gavi del comune di Gavi DOCG                                               64
Aromas f citrus fruit, with floral undertones; prominent mineral sensations;
long finish with balance and good structure.


Italian Imported Red Wine...

2011 Mamuthone Cannonau di Sardegna DOC                              75

     Cannonau di Sardegna DOC/ reserva      2010/2011               112
Produced in the province of Nuoro and in northen parts of Sardinia.
Cannonau, known as Grenache in France, the grape variety ripens late and
thrives in the dry Sardinian heat, developing into a full bodied wine.
Ruby red in colour, displays clear notes of spice and ripe fruit,
a dense and fresh palate with delicate and sweet tannins and a simply unique depth.

2008 Barolo DOCG                                                                           112
To earn the name Barolo, the wines must undergo at least 38 months' aging prior to commercial release, of which 18 must be spent in barrel (the remainder in bottle). As the tannins soften over time, the complexity shows through with hints of earth, truffles and dark chocolate.

2011 Montepulciano D’Abruzzo                                                         58
Montepulciano d’Abruzzo is one of Italy's most famous wines, and can be found on wine store shelves all around the world. This classic, well-rounded, plum-scented Italian red is made from Montepulciano grapes grown in the Abruzzo region, on Italy's Adriatic coast.

2008 Amarone Valpolicella DOC                                                  138
Amarone della Valpolicella is an intensely flavored dry red wine made from dried (passito) grapes. It is made in the Veneto region of north-eastern Italy, and is arguably the region's most prestigious red wine.

2009 Marogne Valpolicella                                                                             72
Classico Superiore Ripasso
Traditional blend of Corvina Rondinella and Molinara. A vinous, full-bodied, amalgam with hint of black cherry and well-ripened fruit. The palate is rounded, velvety, full-bodied and lingering